Our Projects

  • IceKey

    A membership based system that allows the user to dispense ice for their private use for a monthly fee.

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  • XpressTan

    A self-service tanning solution that allows members to start their own tan sessions.

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  • Peppermill Sports Book

    A full directory of the most highly regarded sports and track sites on the internet.

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  • Powered Seating

    A public seating area that charges users to charge their laptop, or other portable electronic devices.

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  • Temple University Wayfinding

    A web-based wayfinding system that allows visitors to obtain walking directions between buildings.

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Our Products

SurferQuest ScreenSurferQuest

Secure business center software that protects your computers and ensures the safety of your guest's personal information.

Here2There Software ScreenHere2There Software

Interactive digital wayfinding for kiosks, mobile and web devices.

Flight Time TV InstallationFlight Time TV

Broadcast real time flight and airport status on guest screens and digital signage displays.

Print My Boarding Pass screenBoarding Pass Printing

Provide your guests with a convenient portal to easily access and print their boarding passes.